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Kids Handprint Art: Family History Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

Handprint art for mothers day

This art project is easy to set up, doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes (not including the bubble bath I’m pretty sure you’ll need afterward!), and it uses things you likely have in your house. Plus you get to capture your kids together just as they are now in a way that’s fun and personal and makes a great gift. We got four framed art pieces out of this one messy moment on the driveway, each one of them different and lovely and perfect (at least in this mom’s eyes).

When you’re thinking about collecting your family history, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t just be looking at your grandparents and beyond. Preserving your time as a family with small kids and their relationship at different ages is part of keeping track of your family over time and the moments you gather now will make your kids (and grandkids and great-grandkids) so happy later!

Gift idea for mothers day

What you’ll need:
/// poster paper (a long roll is easiest and SO handy to have in the house)
/// washable paint in complimentary colors (one color per kid)
/// gold pen
/// frames

The idea is simple. Roll out a big piece of poster paper in a location where the kids can get messy. We used the driveway since we were using washable paint and we knew the next rain fall would clean up any rogue drops. Give each kid their own color of paint and tell them that the rules are that they can overlap but they need to not mix colors. Make it a game to see who can make the most clear handprints to discourage a drift into fingerpainting and after ten minutes you should have a great constellation of tiny hands.

Family history art

Washable paint art project for kids

Painting project for mothers day

Siblings art project

I let the two big kids make handprints first since I knew the toddler would have the hardest time with the concept. The good news is that he likes to get messy and copy his older siblings so we were able to get some teeny handprints into the mix.

Once you’re done, pop the kids into the bath, the clothes into the laundry (washable paint comes right out IF you’re quick about doing the wash!), and drag the poster piece somewhere to dry (like the garage). Let it dry over night and once it’s finished you should be able to cut out the best parts. Use the gold pen to add your children’s names to at least one of the handprints in their color so you can keep them straight in twenty years when they want to know who’s who. I also added the year before framing. There were enough awesome bits that each of the kids got their own to save in their room and we got a great big one for mom and I love it madly.

Family history art project for kids

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