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Hello, genealogy friends!

To make things clearer for future readers/notebook builders, I’ve changed the name of my business to Family Tree Notebooks on Etsy and I’ve built a new website that includes a shop so you can get genealogy pages right from the source. That shop has some color exclusives so head over there if you’ve been waiting for more colors.

From now on, I’ll only be adding content to the new site AND I’ve been saving content up as I’ve been working on things so I have step-by-step tutorials and videos coming as well as some freebies, research tips, and stories about what I’ve been up to with my own family history.

I hope you’ll make the jump with me as I keep adding content to the new site and change the names of my Facebook groups. I’ve already made the switch on Instagram so if you aren’t following me at @familytreenotebooks, come find me!

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