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1960’s Themed Holiday Party for Kids

Vintage ornaments on a pink Christmas tree

Original midcentury ornaments, handed down through family, decorate the pink tinsel Christmas tree at our 1960’s themed holiday party.

This midcentury themed holiday party was such a fun Christmas playdate and it was as easy to put together as it was to enjoy!

The trick to this one was to go for color color color. My inspiration came from the photos in Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book (published in 1963 but available in a reprint). Every photo featured a fun mix of foods so we did a selection of Christmas cookies with some healthy and kid-friendly finger foods like carrot sticks and rolled ham. We also added some seasonal goldfish crackers because I love that vintage-y color blend.

Cookies and finger foods at a midcentury themed Christmas party

We also had a few simple crafts to keep the kids happy. They decorated felt ornaments with beads and sequins and turned pipe cleaners into candy canes and Christmas crowns. Vintage lunch trays kept the mess contained.

Kid craft at the vintage Christmas party

Kids enjoyed cookie breaks while making their crafts.

Candy cane craft at the retro Christmas party

Stringing candy canes is easy if you have pipe cleaners and red and white beads.

Kids at the 1960s themed Christmas party

Fun vintage holiday party ideas

To set the mood I cut Christmas tree shapes out of mod-colored tissue paper and used an everyday school glue stick to put them on the window. The glue washes off the glass easily with soap and water when you’re finished, but I’d test an area if you’re going to try this trick on painted walls!

Decorations for a vintage Christmas party

The light shining through these tissue paper Christmas trees added to the mod midcentury mood.

1960s themed Christmas party

Vintage lunch trays kept craft materials away from the Christmas cookies.

Christmas cookies at a vintage themed holiday party

Christmas cookies straight from Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book.

Ideas for kid food at the vintage Christmas party

Crackers, veggies, and ham meant there was something healthy on the table for even the pickiest kid and provided fun color to match the table.



Glitter poinsettia for a vintage Christmas party

This glitter poinsettia came from Trader Joe’s and absolutely made the table.

Vintage lunch school trays holding Christmas craft supplies

The craft materials came from Target and were organized on vintage lunch school trays I picked up at a thrift sale.

Vintage Christmas cookies

More vintage holiday cookies

In addition to Christmas cookies and finger foods, the kids enjoyed Shirley Temples in glasses rimmed with green sugar crystals. I wanted to use some of our midcentury vintage glass party goblets, but since the party guests ranged from three to five years old I decided a little dressed up plasticware would do the trick this year!


Green and red Shirley Temple drinks at a vintage Christmas party

I don’t have photos of the rest of us, but while the kids had fun the parents were enjoying the cheerful sounds of Bing Crosby and Doris Day singing holiday favorites and enjoying our own trays of cookies in the next room. Nothing like totally occupied kids and an hour of good conversation to put you in the mood for the holidays.

As for the rest of the party decorations, we found the tablecloth and napkins at Target and we’ve had the pink plastic Christmas tree and the midcentury ornaments in our family for years. Of course, after the party I remembered we had the world’s most perfect pink fuzzy Christmas deer hiding in storage so we might just have to do an  updated version of this party in a couple of years…

Pink tree and decorations at retro Christmas party


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