About Me

Hello, I’m glad you’re here! Historicish is a genealogy blog for genealogists and history lovers who want to celebrate this strange, dusty hobby. We run stories about historical events, try recipes from old cookbooks, and talk a LOT about genealogy research and preserving your family history.

Carly Morgan in Salt Lake City

My name is Carly Morgan and I’ve been blogging for more than ten years. I’m Eurasian, a millennial mother of three, and I’m based in Salt Lake City (although not a member of the LDS church). My personal genealogy research focuses on families that came to America from China, Eastern Europe, Britain, Ireland, Germany, Holland, and Scotland.

My approach to genealogy is focused on telling the whole life story of each ancestor while keeping things very organized. I love photos, stories, and ephemera but I can’t handle the chaos of having lots of antique paper around so I scan everything and do most of my genealogy digitally on my iPad using the Goodnotes app and a set of worksheets I created. From there I print out a hard copy I can share, scribble on, update, etc.

I’m also very interested in getting more people interested in genealogy. Everyone has a story to tell and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, expensive, or difficult to start collecting the history of your family.


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