Canned Corned Beef Hash for Grown Ups

I adore canned corned beef hash. It’s been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember so imagine my surprise when I grew up and found out that not everyone grew up on this stuff. Yes, it’s a little intimidating the first time you slide it out of the can in all of its solid fatty looks-like-cat-food glory, but oh man…you really can’t beat it for comfort food.

It’s not the healthiest food out there, I’ll admit. I think even the reduced sodium versions (which, seriously, why bother?) are pretty high in salt so although I love to eat crisped hash on its own I’ve adapted to mixing it into other healthier foods. Think bacon bits versus a handful of bacon strips.

First off, you have to cook the hash no matter what you’re going to add to it. Really cook. It needs to be all crispy so if you need to dance on the line between burnt and unburnt, dance away. Burnt is better than mushy.

When you get up to that almost-burnt edge, that’s when you want to add healthy stuff to it. My favorite is kale and sliced mushrooms, but I’ve also done peppers, zucchini noodles, cole slaw mix (cooks up so yummy!), and shaved brussel sprouts.

Alternatively you can use crisped hash to top baked sweet potatoes, especially when you add a runny egg. Don’t forget the runny egg. The runny egg is everything when it comes to corned beef hash.

Ok, now I’m starving.

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